The Importance of a Great PCP

Fewer Americans are seeing a primary care provider (PCP) every year. Healthy younger adults are especially less likely to see a PCP, according to research published in JAMA Internal Medicine. This trend is dangerous to the health of millions of patients who could benefit significantly from receiving consistent quality care. 

Our team at Harmony Clinics in Wichita Falls, Texas, believes regular visits with a great PCP are essential to your well-being, whether you have a pre-existing condition or you simply want to stay on top of your health.

Purpose of primary care

A PCP is often your first line of defense to seek medical treatment. They provide comprehensive, personalized health care for individuals and families; you may even visit the same provider for years, because no one knows your medical history better than they do. 

The services you should expect to get from a primary care provider include:

A PCP may be best known for performing an annual physical, which often includes checking your blood pressure and other vital signs and getting blood work. Your primary care team also provides treatments such as:

If it falls under the category of preventing, diagnosing, or treating disease, your PCP can help ensure you’re living the best life.

Benefits of great primary care

A primary care provider can be the most important source of health care service you receive regularly. Here are a few reasons why. 

Prevents medical emergencies

Think of your PCP as your go-to medical treatment provider you rely on before you experience any condition that requires emergency care. Patients who wait until their condition becomes a critical risk to their health should expect significantly higher health care costs.

Provides holistic treatment

Your primary care doctor can help you through a number of different health conditions. Their scope is broad and holistic. While a specialist is trained to perform advanced medical procedures for a specific issue, your PCP understands how the rest of your body may be affected by a certain medication or treatment. 

Refers you to the right specialist

If your condition requires attention from a specialist, your primary care provider can refer you to the specialist that’s best suited to help you. Patients who seek specialist treatment first may have to visit a number of different specialists before finding the right one.

Builds your trust

We believe our patients benefit the most when they continue to see the same primary care provider regularly. Your PCP can track your health and your body’s response to treatments over time.

The biggest difference between an adequate provider and a great PCP is whether you want to continue to visit the same provider. Harmony Clinics is proud to offer skilled, knowledge-based, patient-focused care for every member of the family whatever your health needs.

If you seek expert primary care in Wichita Falls, Texas, look no further. Please call or make an appointment online today.

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